Headcel can be used in water-based paint. It shows its excellent high thickening effect, rheological properties, dispersion and solubility. Headcel has good bio-stability, provide sufficient time for the paint store. Effectively prevent pigments and filler sedimentation.


Headcel can be used as thickener and suspending agents in inks, such as magnetic ink, gravure and flexographic printing inks. As a unique product with wide-ranging solubility and flexibility at low temperatures, Headcel is frequently used in electronics in addition to a variety of other applications. It provides high solution clarity, good thermal stability, even burnout and has very low decomposition temperatures.

Headcel is a key binder for gravure printing inks as well as a thickening binder in flexographic and screen printing inks. In these applications, Headcel polymers provide scuff resistance, adhesion, fast solvent release, film formation and outstanding rheology control.